stuck pipe causing events, downtime and nonproductive time

Real-time predictions and risk awareness help prevent nonproductive time

Location Magdalena River Valley Basin, South America Challenge Differential sticking is a known risk in the depleted reservoirs of the mature Magdalena River Valley basin, causing operators significant nonproductive time (NPT) during drilling and tripping operations. Solution Monitor real-time feed remotely using Exebenus Spotter ML. Provide risk awareness of situations that can cause stuck pipe…

National oil company uses Machine Learning to steer through hazardous, high-dogleg intervals while running 9 5/8” casing

Predictive machine learning agents were used by the real-time operation center to make informed decisions and guide the rig crew through hazardous, high dogleg and high inclination intervals.

National Oil Company (NOC) experienced a stuck pipe while drilling the main wellbore of a production well, and as a consequence needed to drill a costly side-track to reach the target. The side-track required casing to be run through two high dogleg-severity (DLS) and high inclination intervals, adding further risk of stuck pipe and cost increases.