Exebenus Pulse Build your plan

Exebenus Pulse replaces today’s paper documents with dynamic digital procedures. How does that help?

Think about your work instructions today. How many wells do you plan in a year? How long does it take to create procedures for each one? How many people are involved?

Digital procedures speed up planning, streamline communication and increase consistency and quality.

Creating procedures is quick and automated: Start with a template; “copy as new” from an existing instruction; or easily generate new procedures from scratch. As you select equipment and products, or import a tool string, the software assembles the relevant operational activities, risks, parameters and best practices.

What happens when something unexpected occurs? Updates are put into operation in minutes rather than hours or days. Contingency plans are ready for action, eliminating hesitations on the rig that add up to invisible lost time.

  • Stay current. Save time and plan efficiently.
Key benefits
  • Fast and easy procedure generation
  • Consistent and standardized language
  • Built-in experience and lessons learned
  • Embedded approval management

At the heart of Exebenus Pulse is a customized digital library containing your company’s product options from multiple service providers, plus operational parameters and insights from current and past projects.

Your library empowers you to generate complete and consistent operational procedures. Nothing overlooked. No assumed knowledge.

Prepacked with standard information, the library over time becomes a corporate archive of templates that expedite planning and standardize choices for your global teams.

How complicated is it to get started? Don’t worry. Our people are here to help get you set up.

You already have the data you need to build your digital library. Our job is to help you organize and structure your data and text-based information so it becomes accessible to everyone, whenever and wherever they need it. We’ll help standardize the way your data is expressed and used, so everybody’s “speaking” the same language.

Building your library is about building procedure templates with embedded connections that tag activities with relevant equipment,  parameters, best practices, and so forth.

You build your operational procedures in logical steps. Exebenus Pulse lets you search through the digital library and helps you pick relevant—and only relevant—options, every step of the way.

As you choose a piece of equipment or an activity, the system pulls in procedure that is already connected to that item. You put together the building blocks.

Planning this activity in that environment? Here’s a lesson learned from a similar past job. You determine whether it’s relevant this time. Choosing this piece of equipment? Here’s how it performed best in similar conditions. You decide whether to adjust your procedures accordingly.

You have decisions to make as you build, but happily, you don’t have to go searching for information first. Instead, you have time to focus on providing important, knowledge-based input.

Exebenus Pulse has an embedded approval setup that guides your team from draft, to approved, to active and finally to as-run.

The Exebenus services team works to ensure that your company’s workflows are properly integrated and digitalized when deploying and implementing the Exebenus Pulse solution.

The well overview shows the wellbore procedures per phase, hole size and the status of the procedure.
The digital procedure brings the step-by-step activities and parameter, string schematic and wellbore information together.
In the digital library tools and equipment are tagged with activities, identifying and technical parameters, and insights such as checks, risks, best practices and lessons learned.
Your company's knowledge is available to everyone, anytime, anywhere.