Exebenus Pulse is your tool to create digital operating procedures, empowering engineers to optimize their time and expertise. By leveraging templates, best practices, and risk associations, it streamlines repetitive and monotonous tasks, enabling engineers to focus on enhancing operating procedures.

Individual lessons learned now become collective knowledge, fostering seamless sharing across teams. Unlike conventional risk databases that can be challenging to navigate, Exebenus Pulse automatically flags risks related to specific tools, procedures, lithologies, and wells, ensuring comprehensive risk coverage.

Version control is automated and guarantees that the engineers in the office and the crew on the rig always have access to the latest approved operating procedure. This eliminates the possibility of miscommunication caused by inadequate version control.

During operation, the digital operating procedure allows for both manual checklists and automated activity recognition and validation.

During operation, Exebenus Pulse promptly flags any deviation from plan in real time, both to take corrective action and to capture valuable lessons learned for continuous improvement.

Exceptional benefits
  • Improve operational consistency and confidence
  • Reduce human error and increase safety
  • Reduce downtime and lower operational costs

Capture experience. Use lessons learned. 

Digital operating procedures are living documents. From their earliest draft forms, to plan, to approved, to active, to as-run, they capture a wealth of experience and detail at every stage.

Planning becomes a matter of logical decision making informed by relevant data and knowledge. Execution is tracked, every decision captured for future reference. Reporting becomes a reliable process that focuses on the essentials, such as how to improve performance the next time.

With digitalization, your procedures are interactive, capturing team comments, chats, actions and decisions, and making them visible to all. Such interactivity and transparency allow team members to be equally informed and heard, and that leads to better data quality, accountability and team solidarity.

One system, one team, learning together and aiming for the same goal leads to better performance, efficiency and safety all around.

Exebenus Pulse is an independent, neutral Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud solution that features an open and modern application programming interface (API). It integrates with your standard drilling software and fits into existing workflows and work processes. The solution uses real-time WITSML data during execution and integrates with WITSML data stores for historical analysis.

The application lets you incorporate equipment and tools from third party providers without infringing on their intellectual property.

The Exebenus services team works to ensure that your company’s workflows are properly integrated and digitalized when deploying and implementing the Exebenus Pulse solution.