We are excited to participate at the coming SPE Asia Pacific Wells Week Workshop on Advancing Wells Ecosystem through Sustainable Solutions, Innovations and Collaborations.

As we accelerate the transformative journey of the energy industry towards digitalization, data analytics & automation DDAA, the focus on addressing cost, emission reduction, and safety concerns is paramount. That’s where AI/ML comes into play, changing the role of RTOC, especially in drilling operations.

Dalila Gomes, Ph.D., Exebenus Project Manager is daily managing AI solutions to optimize drilling performance, especially to tackle critical drilling hazards such as stuck pipe incidents. She will share a recent case study demonstrating how a NOC successfully integrated AI solution, resulting in remarkable outcomes. She will also address the onboarding process of the new technology, the relationship between the technology and the workforce, common challenges, and benefits.

Thank you for opportunity to showcase our commitment to driving transformation in the oil and gas industry with our field-proven machine learning technology.