SPE-195959-MS, Lars-Jørgen Ruså Solvi, Aker BP, Olav Revheim, Exebenus, Serafima Schaefer, Exebenus, Frank Johan Schutte, Aker BP.

Abstract: By use of the proposed method for digitilizing operation procedures and activities, the rig action plan can become the dynamic information exchange platform between planning and execution phase. Digitilizing the workflow and structuring the information in a rig action plan enables engineers to plan operations and transmit procedures and related parameters in a consistent form applicable to the driller and the drilling control system’s automation platform.

The paper reviews existing rig action plans and activities to demonstrate how structuring of information using the new methodology allows planned procedures to be readable by a drilling automation platform.  A new data structure with multiple activity levels is proposed for the rig action plan.  The requirements and concept of a new application program interface (API) is discussed. The result of applying the proposed methodology to an actual rig action plan is presented along with an overview of a pilot project. The benefits of digitalizing the workflow and implementing an open, structured, machine readable rig action plan demonstrate how the new approach will contribute to the oil and gas technologies ambition to automate operation.

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