Exebenus has received a grant from Innovation Norway. The funds will support research and development in the areas of machine learning and automation.

“All of us at Exebenus are sincerely grateful to Innovation Norway,” said Paal Bekkeheien, Chairman. “We are a young and growing company that is dedicated to creating exceptional technology. Knowing that Innovation Norway believes in us and continues to support us, is truly motivating. We will carry on doing our outmost to convert the grant into continued growth and employment.”

Innovation Norway is dedicated to helping Norwegian enterprises become strong and innovative players in the domestic economy, and to carry their capabilities around the world.

“Our goals are very much aligned,” says Olav Revheim, CEO. “The oil and gas industry is an international industry and we are experiencing interest for our technology from small, large and national operators worldwide. With this support, we will continue to develop applications to optimize their operations.”