Exebenus AS and Ops Excellence LLC have signed a partnership agreement to promote machine learning and automation solutions to oil and gas operators in Oman, with particular focus on the Exebenus Current ML™ Real-Time ROP Optimization and Stuck Pipe machine learning agents.

“The partnership with Exebenus gives us the opportunity to support our clients in making a step change in their digital transformation,” said Michael Schonewald, Ops Excellence Managing Director.

“Companies in the region want practical and pragmatic technologies that bring immediate returns and clear value,” said General Manager Nabeel Saif Said Nasser Al Hadhrami. “This is what Ops Excellence will provide with Exebenus Current ML.”

“Exebenus are looking for partners who are passionate about digital technology in a practical and operational context, and who can demonstrate the value to the end user and understand their most pressing challenges,” said Exebenus Chairman Paal Bekkeheien. “Ops Excellence tick all the boxes above. This, combined with their track record in bringing innovative technologies to the market and in supporting long-term clients in the region, has convinced us that together we can make a truly positive impact on our clients’ businesses.”

Based in Muscat, Oman, since 2004, Ops Excellence is a respected professional services consultancy firm with a reputation for introducing new and innovative technologies to oil and gas operators in the region.