It is no secret that stuck pipe incidents are a major cause of non-productive time (NPT) and can significantly increase operational expenses (OPEX) in drilling operations. To combat this persistent challenge, Exebenus has developed a cutting-edge AI/ML solution that identifies stuck pipe symptoms and risks, providing timely warnings to drilling teams to mitigate risks and avoid drilling hazards.

Join us on Tuesday, June 18th, at 9 am Houston time / 4 pm Oslo time for a joint webinar hosted by Wintershall Dea Mexico and Exebenus. This session will provide a comprehensive insight into the use of AI/ML during live drilling operations. We will explore the main reasons for stuck pipe incidents, look into the operational setups and practical aspects of enhancing drilling efficiency within safety limits.

Featured guests: Thomas Jaritz, Senior Drilling Engineer, Wintershall Dea Mexico, and Tim Robinson, PhD, Senior Data Scientist and Product Owner, Exebenus.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand Stuck Pipe Challenges: Gain insights into the common causes and impacts of stuck pipes in exploration wells.
  • Real-Time Risk Detection: How AI/ML identifies potential stuck pipe scenarios in real-time and alerts the drilling team to take proactive measures.
  • Case Study: Gulf of Mexico: An in-depth look at 2 specific wells where the AI/ML tool was employed, detailing the software’s output and its impact on operational decision-making.
  • Maximizing Drilling Performance: Practical guidance on integrating AI/ML tools into your operations to reduce NPT and OPEX.
  • Live Q&A Session: An opportunity to engage with experts from Wintershall Dea, Mexico, and Exebenus, USA, to ask questions and discuss best practices.

This webinar is designed for petroleum engineers, drilling engineers, data scientists in the energy sector, and all professionals involved in drilling operations who are looking to leverage AI/ML to improve efficiency and safety.